Welcome to 99FACTORS

We are brand new!!! But why us?

Here is our story….

For many, many years, professional or not, we all know it is so difficult to find something that not only actually work but also safer. How many of us have been swimming in an ocean of skin care products and still end up very confused?

99FACTORS™ was founded to make the purchase process a time, energy and money saver for all our customers. Every product sold on 99FACTORS™ website has been carefully analyzed, studied and tested (on ourselves) by our dedicated scientists and finally chosen. We go through this process based on a few simple factors:

  • Is the product functionality backed up by science?
  • Is it affordable without sacrificing the quality?
  • Is it safe to use?
  • Has it survived testing on our own skin?

These rock solid principles help us to weed out mountains of products and formulations. We end up with the ones that we really have confidence in to introduce and to sell to our customers. We will be continuously introducing more and more products to our customers after rigorous screening. Be sure to check with us periodically to benefit from the fruit of our hard working medical and skin care professionals.

Thank you very much.